Thesis: The Benefits of Data Warehousing

Sample Thesis Paper

A common argument made to discourage or denounce the usage of data warehousing software is that the common methods of data storage are sufficient for the storage of data. While this may hold true, it is necessary to realize that the purpose of data warehousing is not simply storage; it is the facilitation of analysis for the decision making process. Humphries, Hawkins and Dy (1999) are of the opinion that there is a significant difference between the data required for transaction reporting and that required to perform data analysis (p. 10).
Storage of Varying Data Types

Another area in which data warehousing facilitates organizational function is through the storage of multiple types of data. In cases where data warehousing is brought into use with parallel processing, the performance derived from data warehousing can be increased exponentially. Modern day data warehousing software also allows integration of ERP and CRM systems with the database, allowing development of integrated strategies in the organization (Ponniah 2001). A reason because of which the relevance of data warehousing has become next to undeniable is the fact that modern day warehousing software is designed to specifically facilitate the functioning of business organizations. An example can be found in the

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