Thesis: Benefits of Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

By engaging in outsourcing, businesses are able to acquire a competitive edge over their competition. Because of this fact, outsourcing was originally adopted aggressively by call centers and data centers. While this was the outsourcing of services, the trend steadily grew until it reached a point where it now incorporates the outsourcing of products as well as of services. What was previously seen as nothing more than a cost cutting measure is now recognized as a legitimate and complete business strategy; the implications of which are of a highly diverse nature. The process allows businesses to save on investments that they would otherwise have to make in high risk capital scenarios and in research & development strategies to acquire technological expertise.

These attributes of outsourcing make it an extremely effective business strategy for manufacturers of vehicles and transportation modes. It is because of this reason that the helicopter manufacturer in question also chooses to engage in the outsourcing of the production numerous parts of its helicopters. These outsourced parts, along with other locally produced parts, are put together on a systematic assembly line and sent to the end-user.

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