Thesis: Biologic Effects of Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper


Modern day healthcare practices incorporate a significant use of ultrasound. The general application of ultrasound is one that aims to perform diagnosis and is brought into common use in the clinical practice of cardiology. Ultrasound imaging is also often referred to as sonograph and is a technique that is brought into use to acquire images of the body using extremely high frequency sound waves (Hofer, 1999). Being of an extensively high frequency, the sound waves come as inaudible to the human ear and are generally within the range of 2MHz to 12MHz.

In layman terms, the principles behind the functioning of ultrasound are same as those behind the every functioning of bats and seagoing fishermen. The entire idea revolves around sound waves. Upon striking an object, sound waves tend to bounce back into the direction from where they were emitted. Through careful and accurate analysis of the echo waves returning to the source of the emission, elements pertaining to the objects location can be ascertained. These elements include those such as the object’s size, consistency, shape and even the form within which the object is in, i.e. solid liquid or plasma. Ultrasound therefore comes in as a highly significant instrument for the measurement of the appearance and the development of human tissue that forms organs and also of vessels in an attempt to detect active or benign tumors. The instrument actually performing the emission of the sound waves and the recording of their bouncing back is referred to as the transducer and the medical practitioner generally gently presses the transducer against the skin of the subject after having applied a water-based gel to serve as a medium between the transducer and the individual’s body that can be relied upon to force out any air bubbles or pockets (Duck, Baker, & Starritt, 1998). The recorder in the transducer continues to record even the most minor of alterations in direction and pitch of the echoed high-frequency sound waves as they enter the body and bounce back towards the transducer over tissue, fluids and internal organs.

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