Thesis: Biological Implications of Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

Ultrasound is brought into use commonly since it does not make use of radiations and therefore is safe for use in cases involving pregnancy and other sensitive medical conditions. In fact, ultrasound is brought into use for the specific purpose of monitoring through imagery, the development of embryos and fetuses. The use of means other than ionizing radiations is an attribute of Ultrasound that makes it a preferred means of body imagery and it is for the same reason that it has remained active and in prevailing use in the face of developing technology (Duck, Baker, & Starritt, 1998).

However, there have been indications that the free radicals of ultrasound may indeed be having implications on the subject being subjected to the ultrasound. The foremost biological implications of ultrasound include effects such as damage to chromosomes caused as a result of interference with DNA.

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