Thesis: How Brand Commitment Affects Consumer Purchase Behavior

Sample Thesis Paper

It is evident from the above discussion that a massive body of literature exists on brand commitment that consumers have towards brands but it also merits highlighting that most of the literature continues to concentrate on how commitment affects consumer purchase behavior towards a brand rather than the causes of the development of the commitment to begin with. Most of the research is either addressing the implications of a consumer’s commitment towards a brand or the reaction that consumers have when their commitment towards a brand is challenged by another brand.

Therefore, there is a strong need for research into the factors that contribute towards the development of brand commitment before moving on to analyze those that influence it once it has been developed. It is also apparent from the above discussion that the research performed on a consumer’s commitment to brand and the subsequent implications of the commitment on the consumer’s purchase behavior are frequented with contradictions and ambiguities that require extended and thorough research in order to be cleared out. There is a need for research that begins from the foundations of brand commitment and explores the influences of these foundations on purchase behavior as they take place as a combined result of their presence and the presence of external variables on brand commitment.

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