Thesis: Brand Image in Concurrent Sponsorship

Sample Thesis Paper

Carrillat (2010) has suggested that in the current era where brands vie to sponsor premium events, a lone sponsor managing the event is rare indeed. It usually happens that there would be a number of concurrent sponsors for the event. Therefore, the billboard for an event would have a crowd of logos and brand names that are displayed along with the event name. To provide for some differentiation, the brands take up segmentation. Therefore, one sponsor would call itself as the official partner for hot beverages while another would identify itself as the official partner for cold beverage. The point that the author makes is that fragmentation of sponsorship is a reality.

There is another side effect where sponsorship by a large brand such as Pepsi would help smaller sponsors who would have certain amount of image transfer. Therefore, event-to-sponsor and sponsor-to-sponsor associations can happen. The author framed some hypotheses and tested them on 30 respondents for seven products to draw these conclusions. These products were Gatorade, Nike, Propel, Red Bull, Budweiser, Pert and Natural Light.

The gap in this study is that concurrent sponsorship is a reality that will not go away. The study did not focus on how the event helped to reinforce the brand image of the products.

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