Thesis: Brand Loyalty of Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper

Is This Loyalty with the Brand (Debenhams) or With the Related Services

When asked whether or not they considered their loyalty to be associated with Debenhams brands or Debenhams services, the answers received from the survey participants showed that around thirty three percent (33%) of the survey participants found themselves loyal to Debenhams because of both. That is to say that thirty three percent (33%) of Debenhams consumers were of the opinion that Debenhams was not only efficient in terms of the products that it sold but also in terms of the services that it had to offer.

Seventeen percent (17%) of the survey participants were of the opinion that they were attracted to brands more than services whereas an equivalent perceived their loyalty was directly associated with the services that Debenhams offered rather than the brands. Another seventeen percent (17%) was of the opinion that their loyalty for Debenhams was entirely motivated by the brands that it had to offer whereas in contrast, only eight percent (8%) were of the opinion that their loyalty was motivated entirely by the services that Debenhams offered. However, eight percent (8%) of the participants of the survey questionnaire chose not to answer to this particular question at all.

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