Thesis: The Breach of Business Ethics by Enron

Sample Thesis Paper

Enron breached business ethics by creating offshore entities in order to exercise tax evasions. This led to allowing Enron to conceal its losses. The result was the formation of a self-destruction cycle for Enron, since every time Enron desired to quote a stable business in the market, it had to increase the degree of financial fraud that it was exercising (Clark, 2008). Hence, it would not be unjustified to say that the moment Enron breached business ethics, it was bound for bankruptcy.

This self-propelled cycle of damage continued to accelerate with every financial quarter as the company showed billions in losses instead of the actual losses. Investigations carried out later revealed that Enron had created false off-book companies and manipulated deals in order to give profits to specific members of the company involved in the scandal as well as their relatives (Clark, 2008). By breaching the general understanding of business ethics, Enron began building a card castle that was meant to topple the day its foundation was laid.

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