Thesis: Breach in Business Ethics

Sample Thesis Paper

We can infer from the above observation that while a breach in Business Ethics is not only a breach of the basic principles of honesty with regard to business, but the violation of these ethics is quite similar to that of a quicksand where the perpetrator has no way out but to go deeper into the confusion and perplexity of the corrupting scenario that the breach eventually gives birth to. An example of this fact can be seen in the chain of events that Dynegy was faced with when it attempted a white-knight rescue of Enron but failed to do so because of the extensive degree of damage that Enron had already suffered. To this day, Dynegy is still busy making efforts to disassociate itself with the corporate crash that led to the loss of billions of dollars of money that was supposed to be the pension funds of countless Enron employees.

Not only is this a matter of concern for the organization involved in the breach of business ethics, also leads to the suffering of collateral damage in the form of other companies. Other companies may include sister organizations or organizations that are accredited for their partnership with the organization under subject.

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