Thesis: Breast Cancer as a Major Health Problem

Sample Thesis Paper

Breast cancer is perceived to be one of the major health challenges for healthcare systems of countries around the world. Statistics show that the number of women who die because of breast cancer is so unexpectedly staggering that there is no rationale through which breast cancer can be given any less degree of importance than more directly severe and life threatening illnesses. In Australia, over two thousand woman died because of breast cancer in 2005 alone (National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre 2006).

The risk factors of breast cancer increase with age. For example 24 per cent of breast cancer cases identified in 2002 were in women younger than 50 years; 50 per cent in women aged 50-69; and 26 per cent in women aged 70 and over(National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre 2006). Now that an introductory perception of breast cancer has been developed, before moving on to the methods that are used to carry out the detection of breast cancer in potential patients of the illness, the following paragraphs shall attempt to elaborate upon the risk factors that pertain to breast cancer. In doing so, the paper takes a generalized look at patients of breast cancer around the world.

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