Thesis: Breast Cancer: Risks, Detection and Impact

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to gain an insight into breast cancer, it is imperative that it is analyzed in light of three perspectives. These perspectives are: the risk factors of breast cancer, the methods that exist for the early detection of breast cancer, and the impacts of breast cancer upon the patient. These three perspectives have been given a considerable degree of attention in the recent researches into breast cancer.

If one was to define breast cancer, it is clear that fundamentally, breast cancer is nothing more than a malevolent growth that initiates and takes root in the tissues of the breast, which is why it is referred to as breast cancer. Like all general forms of cancer, breast cancer also pertains to the irregular and uncontrolled growth of cells in the patient in the effected region of the body. Even though the general perception pertains that breast cancer is limited to woman, the perception is only partially valid since there is no doubt that the frequency of breast cancer is much larger in women than it is in men, however breast cancer is not entirely limited to women in any way since men can also develop breast cancer.

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