Thesis: Bringing Improvement in Logistics Trade Barriers

Sample Thesis Paper

The report also served to point out the fact that there is a need to bring about a simplification in logistics that can contribute to the facilitation of the administrative procedures for logistics firms and organizations. This would in turn allow related regulatory bodies to implement quality checks by utilizing a corridor based approach. In order to ensure the execution of this facilitation of the discouragement of logistics trade barriers, it is essential to utilize economies of scale in order to form these corridors and to use the economies of scale to discover economic opportunities that are fueled by the utilization of the numerous transport modes that are available. In order for logistics trade barriers to be removed altogether it is essential to establish a logistics friendly freight transport infrastructure that is seamless in its functioning and does not cause unwanted and undue delays so that reliability cost effectiveness and efficiency can be appropriated to the logistical aspect of trade within the European Union.

In order to bring about this desired phenomenal improvement with regard to logistics trade barriers in the European Union, it is essential to establish and adopt an approach that is door-to-door in its implementation so that freight can pass through trade channels easily and through the appropriate terminals at the appropriate points in its transportation. The European Union is currently striving to establish and set up a freight oriented train network in order to facilitate the decreasing of logistics barriers to trade within the European Union.

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