Thesis: British Computer Society

Sample Thesis Paper

Further on, in the section titled Duty to Profession, the BCS code of conduct begins by highlighting the importance of keeping the name of the British Computer Society held high and to make sure that the reputation of the British Computer Society is not trodden upon anywhere. The BCS code of conduct suggests that this measure is exercised through sincerity to the profession. The code of conduct also highlights the fact that all members of the BCS have to make sure that they exercise appropriate behavior with their fellow BCS members. In their actions, they are to exercise integrity and genuineness in their words and intentions.

The BCS code of conduct also provides legal guidelines to its members. In case a member is convicted of having committed a criminal offence, the member is under obligation to report the BCS immediately. This clause also holds if the member holds a directorial position and the respective organization has gone bankrupt. During this time, the member is also not allowed to make any statements on behalf of the BCS unless authorized to do so.

The last section of the code of conduct is based on the duty of an IT professional to the continuous desire for an increase in knowledge and understanding in the area of concern. By doing so, the BSC code of conduct encourages the BCS members to refine their knowledge and skills in their area of profession.

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