Thesis: British Rule on the Subcontinent

Sample Thesis Paper

While the Mughal civilization was mostly illiterate, backward, non-productive and short-sighted, the European counterparts seized the opportunity to turn the subcontinent into a British colony. As luck would have had it, their strategies turned the Mughals against each other, pitted the Indians against each other and destroyed of what was once an indestructible century-old dynasty.

As for the nature of these clashes is concerned, whether political, economic or cultural, it should be noted that there were subtexts and underyling factors belonging to all three. Huntington admits that in his view, it was a mistake to regard the spread of Western liberalism as anything more than an extension of Western power and influence. International politics had commenced a new phase in which political ideology had been replaced by cultural antipathy as the organizing principle of foreign policy and the primary source of global conflict.

The idea of civilization is very different from an Islamic and western perspective. Reza Aslam, an Islamic professor at the UC, Riverside argues with Huntington’s perspective, “Are we in a war of identities? I hope not. I think the idea that civilization is something that is how we define ourselves as a people – which is I think quite common amongst most people – I think that idea has to be debummed. There is something that connects us to each other that is far more visceral and far more deep-seeded than civilization is, and that is just the human condition.” (BigThink, 2008)

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