Thesis: Broader Implications of the recession on Johnson Arabia

Sample Thesis Paper

The recession had direct implications upon the manner in which Johnson Arabia operates and perceives the business environment. As a result of the recession, Johnson Arabia was forced to take on a highly competitive approach towards the market in which business is carried out by engaging in business deals that are lucrative and decidedly beneficial to Johnson Arabia rather than engaging in a broader customer acquisition strategy. Johnson Arabia began to focus on customer retention in its attempts to realize the significance of adequate risk management. Special attention was given to pricing in order to ensure that potential consumers are not left with a reason to hesitate when they consider hiring Johnson Arabia’s services. While all of these were steps that Johnson Arabia took in order to streamline its position in the market, it became equally important to bring about internal changes as well.

Johnson Arabia deviated from its customary six month and bi-annual bonus programs and bonuses were not given out at their regular volume. The company also brought the recruitment process to a stop. Besides these measures, special attention was given to areas where costs could be cut but the company ensured that no employees had to take any salary cuts. These measures while not exactly unwelcomed, did not stop the employees from feeling restless. The internal environment at Johnson Arabia LLC has now become highly sensitive since employees have begun to feel uncomfortable about potential layoffs and are new recruitment policies. Similarly, while Johnson Arabia has realized the need for a contingency plan to be developed and put into place for any recessions in the future, the current changes in the operations of Johnson Arabia are still far from complete in their implementation and are in a state where no conclusive evaluation of the status of their objectives can be acquired.

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