Thesis: Building Dell’s Brand through Branching

Sample Thesis Paper

Dell’s current brand value, as reported in 2009, allows it to stand forth as a company ranked within the top 100 brands in the industry. Its brand value is estimated to be around $11,695 million. Having acquired a clear and undeniable dominance in the area of direct sales, Dell has recently branched out its operations into the area of indirect sales. This tactical move has served to bring Dell a larger market share with increased accessibility to the consumer market along with increased means to communicate with the consumer. Even in this tactical move, Dell has ensured that it does not proceed without losing its unique niche in the market.

To develop its indirect sales area, Dell used well established, wide spread and reputable channels such as Wal-Mart, Pontofrio, Tesco, Carphone Warehouse, Gome, HiMart, Bic Camera and the like across the US, Latin America and the Asia Pacific Region. However, the highpoint of Dell’s entry into the area of indirect sales remains that Dell has experienced an increase in terms of its visibility for the individual customer who would seldom take the trouble of going to a computer vendor but visits the neighbourhood Tesco Express Store twice a week. Hence, it would not be unfair to surmise that as a result of its entry into the indirect sales area, Dell has experienced a considerable increase in its brand value. “With its direct sales, however, Dell carries very little inventory: the whole organization concentrates on speeding components and products through its supply chain” (Kapuscinski, Zhang, Carbonneau, Moore, & Reeves, 2004).

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