Thesis: Business Ethics-The Enron Scandal

Sample Thesis Paper


Business Ethics is perhaps the one area of business development that is given its own unique genre of priority. In order to be successful, the necessity of a strong Code of Ethics is undeniable for any organization (Shaw, 2007). As William H. Shaw notes in his thought provoking book, Business Ethics, the code of ethics of an organization contributes to the eventual success or failure of that organization. Over time, several books, papers and articles have been written upon Business Ethics and countless examples exist that strengthen the notion that the success of an organization is directly related to the achievements that the company accomplishes.

Business Ethics is considered to be a part of applied ethics since a vast aspects of ethics related to business are rooted in practicality. Business ethics deal with the transparency of the functions of a business in a manner such that the information, services and products that an organization provides to its clients are based upon truth and honesty (DesJardins, 2008). A breach in business ethics would mean that the organization has either misguided its clients through false information, or provided services to its clients that are not equivalent to those that were promised earlier, or provided products to its clients that were of a quality inferior than that which had been either promised or quoted earlier.

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