Thesis: New Business Feasibility Study

Sample Thesis Paper


The benefits that would be present for Steve & his business include that he can use his experience in the market for providing the customers with the services, facilities and products which they want and have not been able to get from the online retailers. Aside form this he would also be able to use his supplier and industry contacts to set up a supply china network for his online business. Benefits that would be offered by Steve to his customers through this business option include the convenience of searching and buying and trading books from the comfort of their home, as well as getting their orders delivered to their home and office, as and when desired.

Target Market:

The target market for the Steve’s business pertains to families, single member households of people above the age of 18. The different market segments which can be targeted by Steve can include children & parents, through children books, culture enthusiasts through classics, etc. The categories of the books sold through the online book store would be numerous ranging form novels, to parenting books, to books about home development, as well as English literature and classics.

Distribution Channels:

The distribution channel of the books for Steve’s business would incorporate dealing with an online payment service provider like Paypal and leading credit card providers for establishing the payment option. Aside from this the company will also have a contract with a courier service provider which can deliver the shipments of individual orders to the customers in a timely and efficient manner.

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