Thesis: Business process Re-engineering

Sample Thesis Paper

Davenport (1998) states that an enterprise system is, after all, a generic solution whose design reflects a series of assumptions about the ways companies operate in general. However, while firms can choose to customize their ERP installation to a certain degree because the systems are modular (Chen, 2001; Davenport, 1998), major modifications are complex, impractical, and extremely costly (Chen, 2001; Davenport, 1998; Bingi et al., 1999; Laughlin,1999; Sumner, 2000).

Markus et al. (2000) reports that failure to change the business processes have led to inappropriate software modification and heavy disappointment with ERP systems. As a result, most companies installing enterprise systems will need to adapt (Davenport, 1998; Chen, 2001) or re-engineer their business processes to fit the requirements of the system (Chen, 2001; Davenport, 1998; Bingi et al.ΒΈ1999).

Vanilla version of ERP with minimum customisation and uncomplicated option selection (Parr & Shanks, 2000) will help the firm in achieving faster benefits and retaining high morale from the achievement.

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