Thesis: Calculation of Earnings per Share

Sample Thesis Paper

Earnings per Share (EPS) are calculated by dividing the Profit after Taxation (Net Profit) by the Total number of Ordinary Shares Outstanding for the period. This ratio shows the total earning or profit earned on a per share basis that is how much profit is represented if an investor holds a single share of the company in question and a higher EPS is obviously better for both the company and the investor.
MCB Bank had an EPS of Rs. 22.26 per share in 2008, a decrease of more than 8.44% from the previous year’s EPS of Rs. 24.31. In contrast HBL had an EPS of Rs. 13.18 per share in 2008, an increase of more than 13.07% when compared to the EPS of Rs. 11.65 for the year ended 2007. This shows that for an investor holding a share of MCB bank is more profitable in both years as compared to possessing shares of HBL.

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