Thesis: CAM Therapies and Nursing

Sample Thesis Paper

If we explore the changes to the nursing profession, this shift in demand has brought new roles to the institution. Necessitating change and requiring that the profession evolve in order to keep up with the needs of its patients. At the basic level however, CAM therapies and nursing are both directed towards achieving the same goals. In many ways the use of such therapies may be seen to be the increased involvement of individuals within their own healing plans. In order to allow and teach patients to use the best of both systems in order to ensure the best results, they have begun the use of an approach known as integrative therapy. Integrative therapy is a relatively new form of approach which does not ascribe importance to standard medicine or alternative medicine. Rather it combines both techniques to provide the patient with a treatment plan to ensure a healthy outcome (Daniels, 2004).

Within the nursing profession, it is the duty and obligation of every nurse to not only allow credence to these alternative therapies and interpret their efficacies within their realms of their nursing practice. It is also their responsibility to ensure that patients are provided supporting proof regarding the use of these therapies when they are employed as nursing treatment plans. It is expected that nurses who employ use of these therapies will do so not only as nurses who are qualified to suggest such therapies as being beneficial to their patients. But also can provide such treatment within the legal boundaries which have been set down as guidelines and regulations within the nursing profession. Additionally, it is also expected that nurses who employ the use of such therapies will do so in a manner which can only be beneficial to the patient in question and thus is being used in a manner which is within the boundaries of their experience (Crisp, Potter, Taylor & Perry, 2005).

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