Thesis: What is Capstone

The meaning of capstone is exactly what it sounds like. Over the years the word capstone has evolved in different meanings in different fields. Many fields use this word separately and have a different meaning altogether. The purpose of this article is to provide you the meanings of capstone in different contexts. Below are some points for you to consider.

Capstone in Architecture

In the field of architecture capstone means the top stone. In other words, a set of stones on a structure of a building. One of the best examples of a capstone is Pyramids in the Egypt. In this example a capstone is the top stone of the Pyramid, the tip of the Pyramid at the top.

A Crowning Achievement

A capstone is also referred to as the crowning achievement in something. For instance, getting a high grade in a particular subject or getting highest grade point average is also seen as the capstone achievement. Moreover, for a sportsman a crowning achievement will be considered as winning a precious championship. For instance, Arthur Ashe winning a US open in tennis is considered as a crowning achievement of his entire career or a capstone of his career.

Capstone Courses

Some academic institutions offer capstone courses in the final year of the degree. A capstone course covers all the major aspects of a particular academic field that a student has studied over the course of years. It covers all the major concepts. A student is required to write a capstone project to reveal his/her understanding and knowledge in the course.

Some companies use the word capstone as to define their epitome in a particular idea or something that they sell as the apex.