Thesis: Care of Children with Developmental Disabilities

Sample Thesis Paper

The need for this theory is to provide a basic framework to ensure the highest level of physical and physiological care is provided for the mother. It has been well documented that the care of children with developmental disabilities can be quite stressful for mothers causing a myriad of physical and psychological problems (Pope, 2009). Thus, this theory facilitates the health requirements of the mother to ensure she is at optimum health to take care of her child. There is no theory which considers the health of the mother of autistic children. Such a factor can have great importance in the physical, mental and social development of autistic children.

Two theories which support this nursing theory are comfort theory and counselling theory. Comfort theory is one which is defined as the strengthening of the immediate state of the individual by meeting the needs defined within the four contexts of experience, physical, sociocultural, psychospiritual and environmental (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2004). The counselling theory is one where the patient defines the parameters of his or her needs. This allows the health care provider to give therapeutic guidance. Counselling theory does not provide any particular guidelines in the medical field. The use of this theory is contingent upon the interpersonal skills of the health care provider involved (Freshwater, 2003). It can be seen how both theories are similar to the autistic compassion theory; however, they are not structured specifically for the patients in this case.

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