Thesis: Caring for Patients with Cancer

Sample Thesis Paper

The Use of Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Caring for Patients with Cancer

Among the many choices regarding cancer treatment programs, one which has recently gained much popularity both in the United States and the United Kingdom is one of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM. When we speak of CAM, it does not denote a specific form of therapy; rather it involves a vast number of dissimilar treatments and products which may range from therapy options which can improve an individual’s quality of life, to experimental drugs which are currently undergoing investigation for their efficacy.

It may also refer to drugs and treatment plans which offer false hope to patients who may evade or delay their cancer care. Since these treatments are not considered to be part of the normal treatment modality, it is the perspective of health professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists who determine whether such therapies meet the standard of care for their patients and whether any beneficial effects can be received from them. This paper will offer the different perspectives on the issue of contemporary and alternative therapies in the case of cancer patients.

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