Thesis: The case of Saudi Telecom Company

Sample Thesis Paper

Research Question
The research question proposed is ‘How does the sponsorship of international football team influence the sponsor’s customer brand relationship? The Case of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Sponsorship of Manchester United (MU).’
Research Objectives

A number of research objectives have been framed. These are presented as below.
1. Understanding the perceived benefits that sponsorship of Manchester United has on the brand image of STC.
2. Analyse the manner in which subscribers of STC services in the Middle East are influenced by the sponsorship. Has it increased the brand recall and brand identity of STC as measured by increase in subscriptions?
3. How can STC employ the sponsorship deal to obtain a competitive advantage in its business goals of expansion in other nations?
4. To discuss various theories and models used for sports sponsorship, the benefits to the brands and how users of these brands are influenced by the advertisement
5. To provide recommendations to STC to leverage this opportunity so that the business goals of the firm can be met

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