Thesis: Case Study Approach to Research

Sample Thesis Paper

The case study approach to research is based on the qualitative approach to research in the interpretivist paradigm. This approach involves the study of a specific entity, phenomenon or event. The research under this approach completely focuses on the specific area of research rather than analysing other factors and components as well and deeply explores the research area and any problems associated with the research and this is why the case study approach is also referred to as exploratory research. The researcher is provided with a situation or case similar to the one being researched to help in identifying data and analysis of the causes and effects of the variables prevalent in the current research (Jupp 2006).

In this approach the researcher can effectively identify the elements and variables of the case and perform an analysis on these elements and variables to determine the cause and effect relationships and arrive at a logical conclusion at the end of the research process (George and Bennett 2005).  The research carried out under this approach is usually based on factual information and data instead of speculation. The factual information can be obtained from the participants of the research or the entity or company the participants belong to. The analysis of this factual information by the researcher helps in evaluating the patterns and trends in the current research. The researcher would not be able to reach a valid conclusion or make any recommendations regarding the research based on speculation and assumptions in the absence of appropriate facts (McNabb 2004).

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