Thesis: Cash Flows of Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper

Debenhams is also a retail chain with a strong base in United Kingdom and Ireland. The company’s main products include menswear, women’s wear, health and beauty products, accessories, lingerie and children’s wear. The product range at the company includes company’s own brands, designers and third party brands which make up a diverse collection for consumers. The retail chain has 153 stores around the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 21,500 employees working for the company. The company also has a steadily growing international network with 48 franchise stores in 17 countries around the world. The company also has an online presence with a portal through which the company can sell directly to customers online. Debenhams has a diverse collection of its own brands which are close to 55 and include names like Debut, Maine New England, Thomas Nash and Red Herring. Third party brands such as Levi Strauss and Estee Lauder are also available at different stores of the company throughout United Kingdom (Debenhams 2009).

Debenhams has displayed steady growth in financial areas of store sales, profit and earnings per share during the period of 2006 to 2008. The sales and profit of the company were also slightly affected by the global financial crisis in the last quarter of 2008. The level of cash flows of the company have also been steadily rising since 2005 from net cash outflows of £84 million to a net cash inflow of £79 million in 2007 while a net cash outflow of £82.2 million was seen in 2008 due to heavy investment in fixed assets (Debenhams 2008).

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