Thesis: Caste System in Hinduism

Sample Thesis Paper

Although it is true that Hinduism shares many concepts with several other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. It also shares the existence and implementation of many of its beliefs with other religions. For example Hindus believe in the concept of karma, rebirth and that the conceptual and fundamental nature of this world is built on suffering. They also have a caste system, a social structure which is built upon the concept of spiritual superiority. The caste system is divided into four parts the Brahmins or the priests, the Kshatriyas or the fighters, the Vaisya or the business men and the Shudras also known as helpers of everyone. Although there are differences between the castes in terms of punishment and rights, no one caste is above the other and all are held accountable for their actions (Flood, 1996).

When we consider what defines different religions we attribute historical, cultural, linguistic, doctrinal and sectarian diversity as a way of making them unique. We find that Hinduism is perhaps the most diverse religion of all. Although it may be understandable that this may not be considered so since it shares so many of the same notions that form a major part of other religions. However, what truly sets Hinduism apart is the fusion of all these notions into a cohesive religion.

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