Thesis: Categorization of a Group

Sample Thesis Paper

The categorization of a group of individuals with varied definitions will yield many results or varied results. The first step before the definition of these groups is the definition of the ‘hipster’. From the socialization process, the hipster is a piece of cloth that comes in various sizes and shapes and is mostly won by those between the ages of adolescent and 29.

The hipster is also referred to the skinny jeans by girls while others call them spandex and are won with plaid or flannel shirts. Skinny jeans or hipsters are a wardrobe friendly item, for they can be won with a variety of cloths apart from the shirt. Hipsters are able to go well with T-shirts, blouses, spaghetti tops and jumpers. The other advantage is that they can be accessorised with a variety of items like sunglasses, caps or beanies. The varied manner in which they adapt to dressing makes hipsters to be looked down upon by those who cannot associate with them and those who look down upon tourists and fashion. Geifer describes the categorization and poor response to hipsters by people by the lack of open declaration of lack of response and definition by his survey. The response Geifer received from people was that of impassionate, while some flagellating began viewing themselves as ‘hipster’.

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