Thesis: New Cell Lines in Stem Cell Research

Sample Thesis Paper

Jamie Palaganas and Curt I. Civin are of the opinion that research into cell lines that are characterized appropriately should not only be encouraged during stages when work upon the research is in progress but should also be encouraged and optimistically distributed when the rigorous research reveals any fruitful results. However, it should be accredited to the authors that they have not chosen to get carried away with advents in stem cell research such as the new cell lines.

There is no doubt to the fact that the authors are very much influenced by the numerous possibilities that are now at hand after the development of these new cell lines. They have highlighted areas such as disease and the phenomenal role that this particular development and similar developments can play in bringing the concept of cell replacement therapies to a practical form. However, on the other hand, the authors have also taken care to ensure the fact that liabilities that follow are also addressed. For instance, ethical issues that can be raised as a result of the practicing of this particular form of therapy are amongst the primary concerns that should be dealt with before results obtained from the extensive research work in this area are put into practice through therapy and other similar means.

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