Thesis: The centralization of the world’s species in one country

Partners of the project are entirely dependent on the funding from the MSBP. The money is mainly used by the partners to meet their administration costs and hire experts in the field. Also, the funds are usually directed towards offsetting the costs incurred in process of collecting species. Provision of equipment such as vehicles, seed aspirator is a cost that the partners expect the project to fund.

The risk that the partners might withdraw from the project poses the greatest threat to the project. MSBP heavily relies on the goodwill of its partners to embrace the project. Notwithstanding the support of the partners the project is only able to save a mere fifth of the world’s flora which the partners might feel not enough for the project of such magnitude.

The centralization of the world’s species in one country could receive negative perception of the project from the potential partners who would wish to have such a facility to attract equal number of tourist as the UK. Nonetheless, this factor has been overcome by gaining the accreditation from the Center for Bio-Diversity (CBD) and the goodwill from the partners.

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