Thesis: How Value Chain Management can Help Organizations

Sample Thesis Paper

The strategies must be developed in a timely manner and customers must be satisfied with the final product or service. Value chain management might looks like a magic potion that fixes all the problems of the organization but Value-chain management doesn’t have the capability to make everything operate perfectly. But value chain management can help an organization to respond better to the imbalances that might be inventively developed in the entire course of business. However, value chain management systems acts as grease for the overall organization and applying this grease is essential because stiffer competition and increased customer expectations are necessary in today’s corporate world.

There is a finite limit in the process of streamlining and optimizing the tangible assets in a value chain of an organization. But organizations that are heading towards success revamp their processes and they opt for adding value to each of their processes. Michael Porter has stressed a lot on value chain management and the analysis of value chain and he believed that his value chain model is the most effective methods because organizations that have implemented his model have benefitted from this model.

Thus, in a nutshell we can say that there are different models and strategies for gaining competitive advantage. Matrices, balance score card and etc but value chain analysis is considered as the most effective and easy approach of gaining a competitive advantage. But this approach is easy to apply if all the members of the organization and all the stakeholders are ready to experience a change because through value chain management every process is revamped and a certain level of value is added in every process that allows the customers to buy or consume that product or service.

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