Thesis: Value Chain Management System

Sample Thesis Paper


A value chain management system is an integral part of every organization because it adds value to the entire process. A value chain management is effective in every industry and it it’s implemented in a proper manner than every industry can gain sufficient amount of benefit from it. Value chain management is bidirectional in nature and it possesses a broader scope and that is the reason why value chains cover entire product life cycle, services and goods. A value chain management system improves the design, sales, engineering and customer through closed loop feedback system.

If a producer or a manufacturer decides to change or modify the product’s attributes like the organization wants to change certain specifications related to design and they want to change the management processes like cost allocation or schedules than a proper value chain management system allows them to do that. A value chain management system improves the efficiency of the entire process and it helps them in reducing time to market, product errors and rework. This system possess the attributes of providing a feedback top the supplier if users of that product or service reports failure.

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