Thesis: Chair Analysis

Sample Thesis Paper

The chair that has been chosen for this paper is on that is an office chair and has been fundamentally designed for the prolonged nine-to-five employee. It is a chair that has five legs and has wheels at the end of each leg in order to assist the person seated in moving from one location to another. The chair is fairly simple and has been designed with the combination of metal, plastic and cloth along with the use of high quality foam for the seating area. The following paragraphs shall shed light on the chair shown in the picture in terms of the functions, the behavior and the structure of the chair. The chair has an average height of one meter when it is retracted and one meter plus a fifth of a meter more when it is fully elongated.


  • The chair has been designed for use in locations where a person could be expected to move with a significant frequency during the day,
  • It is perhaps for the same reason that chairs such as these are given to employees in banks where the person attending customers can move around from one desk to another desk or a filing cabinet within their proximity.

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