Thesis: Challenges In Selecting The Right Outsourcing Agent

Sample Thesis Paper

“The decision to outsource should address the critical role of information and processes in organizations, including the role that systems play. If an entire function is to be outsourced, sufficient provision should be made in the outsourcing contract to deal with current and future requirements of the organization. Special attention should be given to the potential need for innovative solutions to be provided by the outsourcer, and to the timing of these actions” (Lankford & Parsa, 1999).

Cultural Compatibility

This is an issue that is rarely given the relevance it truly merits. The culture of an organization constitutes its basic and most profound customs (Hendry, 1995). It has a significant degree of influence on the manner in which the human capital of the organization functions. While the culture of an organization may be one that allows it to function on an optimum level within its boundaries, it may not always be one that can be trusted to ensure the same level of performance when the organizations comes into interaction and coordinated functioning with another organization.

“Managing an effective transformational outsourcing relationship requires commitment from all included parties. The success of outsourcing relationship depends on cooperation among participants, who must share their business information, otherwise cooperation is not possible” (Rebernik & Bradac, 2006).

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