Thesis: Challenges In Timing The Process of Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether or not to engage in outsourcing. An organization contemplating on its outsourcing options has to ascertain the impact that the engagement in outsourcing will have on its immediate community, the influence that the outsourcing will have on current employees and their remunerations, the manner in which employee potential will be influenced and most importantly, the impact that it may have on customer service.
“In addition to the costs, other considerations that also should be addressed in the business plan include: the impact outsourcing a particular business function may have on customer services, the impact it may have on the community where the company operates, the impact on employee benefits after the implementation of outsourcing plan, as well as the potential political consequences of employee reduction” (Zhu, Hsu, & Lillie, 2001).
The company has to be present in a setting from where it can ensure continuous interactions with its outsourcing agent. This does not refer to the company’s technological capabilities. This aspect of the ascertaining of the correct timing of the outsourcing process pertains to ensuring that the company is at a stage in its lifecycle where interactions with the outsourcing agent will not become victims of delay on account of a scarcity of resources. Often entrepreneurial businesses can be seen as examples of scenarios where the company is forced to function so that it diverts a pre-established degree of attention to its outsourced operations. It is therefore extremely imperative for the company to be in a state at the time of the outsourcing process from where it can effectively manage the outsourcing process.

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