Thesis: Changing the Gender

Sample Thesis Paper

The transsexual appeared to harbor an attitude which was slightly aggressive towards questions regarding any potential regrets or compunctions at having become a transsexual. This indicated that there was the presence of an unpleasant and unwanted conflict (Hollows & Moseley, 2006). Either the transsexual was feeling insecure about the change of gender or the degree of acceptance that the transsexual had been given upon implementing the decision of changing her gender. Or the second possibility could be that the transsexual did not acquire adequate acceptance and reception and had been subjected to stigmas of in-acceptance upon changing gender.

Another fact observed was that the transsexual was encountered in a neighborhood and at a time when there seemed to be a tendency for underhanded elements in the society to be out in the streets. This led to the development of the hypothesis that the transsexual might have encountered such a harsh level of in-acceptance that she had to resort to prostitution out of the need to earn money.

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