Thesis: Changing trends in the Korean Telecommunication Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

“By the end of February 2009, Korea has a total of 45.99 million mobile phone subscribers; by the end of 2008, Korea has a total of 35.36 internet subscribers, accounting for 77% of its total population. Korea is one of the nations has a fast 3G development in the world; the 3G businesses such as mobile TV, mobile music, mobile games and mobile positioning are all developed well in this country. By the end of Nov 2008, Korea has a total of 15.86 million 3G subscribers, accounting for 34.95% of its total number of mobile communication subscribers” ( Publications 2009).

It is important to realize that the mobile communication industry is one that is influenced by demands of multiple natures. Users who require multimedia communications chose to make use of functions such as messenger, multimedia messaging services, and push email. Users who choose to focus on deriving entertainment from their handsets demand gaming and music-supporting capabilities. Others require their handsets to assist them in management functions and therefore demand advanced schedule management functions that can process a wide variety of information. Some users require knowledge learning functions and demand services such as real time news, digital dictionaries and mobile web capabilities. Location based services such as public service, navigation and others are also often demanded alongside life-convenience services such as healthcare and personal safety management. Finally, users can also be perceived through their demand for business software and logistical support.

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