Thesis: Chinese Aid is not to Eradicate Poverty

The move by China to increase aid to Africa is not meant to eradicate poverty in the continent but rather a win-win situation. The other countries from other continents view Africa as a poor country and not able to do trade with it. However, China views Africa as a continent that is rich and an excellent opportunity for trade. As mentioned earlier, while Western countries are out to help Africa develop through aid, China gives out unconditional aid to benefit from trade relations (Dalpino, 2005).

China is offering training programs to African professionals, and this is evidenced by the increasing number of students among other African professionals moving to China for education (Dalpino, 2005).  In return, china is establishing unusually large shopping malls in some African countries as seen in Nairobi, Dakar, Dar es Saalam, and Johannesburg. The construction companies of China are moving their construction services to African countries including Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone. Infrastructure facilities offered by China include roads, rails, water supply, and energy lines.

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