Thesis: Clarification of Brand Equity and Brand Value

Sample Thesis Paper

In Dijsterhuis and Olden’s Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, both the brand equity and brand value, demonstrate the brand’s worth in terms of how the direct and downstream customers will benefit- from the start when the ingredient is included in the product. 7 On examining how the two relate to the first aspect (government regulation on the certification of upstream traceability), Norris in his Journal of Consumer Marketing argues that most branded ingredient products are translated into a brand at the time of commercialization.4 Brand equity refers to any marketing effects or any related outcomes that accrue to a product and its brand name when it is compared with those that would “… accrue if the same ingredient branded products being referred to did not consist, in any way, the brand name in creating both consumer knowledge or awareness.”22
In regard to this, all suppliers have an objective to ensure that whatever brand they got, meets the consumer demand while on the other hand it is well developed in terms of brand value uniqueness and its equity 17 In addition to meeting government regulations, Brand equity is vital in its importance since it is one of the determinant factors which in most cases positively accelerates the product’s financial value in the market. 20 Raggio and Leone, in the Journal of Brand Management, (The theoretical separation of brand equity and brand value) argue that brand equity can be related to how different outcomes usually results from marketing of various ingredient branded products citing its relation to its brand name. Just like in Dijsterhuis and Olden’s argument, they state that some other brands which are not value added cannot be compared to  branded products, failure to have brand identification, as he adds, poses a great risk to producers and their manufacturer’s in that traceability becomes a huge hurdle to meet. 15
In a nutshell, both brand equity and brand value represents the marketing effects which are uniquely attributable or tugged to the brand in question. Besides, the added value when it is endowed to a product results to a huge success of during the upstream differentiation, in investments of the brand. 20 Therefore, the brand equity can be said to play an important part in serving as a bridge between the impacts of government regulations, marketing and consumer activities and how far one can detach themselves from their business competitors.7 Focusing on other market response and mainly on the consumers’ actions towards to how they brand equity can contribute towards building a better brand value based on a concrete producer based perspectives.

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