Thesis: Clinical Examination to Detect Breast Cancer

Sample Thesis Paper

Clinical examination is another way of detecting breast cancer. Not only a doctor but nurses as well can be trained to be able to clinically examine breasts. Any one of two techniques can be used in the clinical examination for detection of breast cancer. The first one is when the patient is sitting up and the other way is when the patient is lying down (

It is taken to be a more efficient technique of detection than breast self examination. A clinical examination comprises inspection and feeling of the whole breast rejoin comprising of the lymph node rejoins around the collarbone and under each arm (imaginis 2008).  Clinical breast exams should be done every three years for women aged 20-30 however, for women aged 40 and above it is required that the clinical breast exam is carried out every year because they are at a higher risk of contracting it ( 2009).

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