Thesis: UN Coalition with Congolese Government

Sample Thesis Paper

The conflict was not resolved without extensive military intervention. Countless negotiations were attempted throughout 1959 but they either backfired or were fruitless until 1961 came to a close with the launch of Operation Rum-punch, Operation Morthor and Operation Unokat by the UN in coalition with Congolese government in the last few months and control in Katanga and South Kasai was re-established in December in the same year (Mockaitis, 1999). However, the as noted earlier, military action was used only as a last resort and was only opted for once the government made all possible efforts at reconciliation through peaceful means. Also, the UN missions gave the armed opposition a significant number of opportunities to put down their weapons and UN troops were not allowed to launch any offensive unless specifically ordered to do so through their chain of command.

The final outcome

The final outcome came in the form of the restoration of control at the cost of millions of lives. Casualties were experienced by the Congolese government, the UN mission, the loyalists to the Katanga’s Gendarmarie and the people of Katanga. The government however was not able to establish control without assistance from the UN and the Belgian troops were expelled from the Congolese region.

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