Thesis: Coastal Video Systems

Sample Thesis Paper

Coastal video systems have become a widely used technology worldwide for monitoring, research and management of coastal zones. Shoreline evolution, tidal variations, effects of storms and anthropogenic activities, such as dredging can be measured using static, remote sensing video systems. Video monitoring stations consisting of digital cameras are established along a beach and image acquisition is typically achieved once per hour. Video cameras are very rich sources of data typically provide 30 images frames per second, each of which contains approximately 768 kB of data (Holman and Stanley 2007). Cameras have the ability to cover a stretch of coast from 3 to 6km depending on the focal length of the lens. The video cameras are connected to a host computer housed nearby, where data is stored. The first video system developed for coastal monitoring is the Argus video system, which has now reached the third generation.
This system has been deployed by coastal scientists in a number of coasts worldwide (America, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, UK) and has been providing long-term data on coastal processes over the last 25 years (Holman and Stanley 2007). The Argus video system has already demonstrated the ability to monitor morpho-dynamic parameters important for successful coastal management (Holman and Stanley 2007). Work published by Davidson et al (2007) aimed to evaluate the efficiency of coastal video systems in coastal protection, navigation, recreation and ecosystem protection in a project known as the CoastView project. For this project four diverse field sites were chosen: Egmond, Netherlands, Lido di Dante, Italy, El Puntal, Spain and Teignmouth, UK. Video stations were established at all four sites and data were collected over a period of three years. The results of this study indicated that coastal video monitoring systems have the potential to provide a cost effective method which can aid to coastal zone management (Davidson et al 2007).

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