Thesis: Code of Business Ethics

Sample Thesis Paper

The case chosen for this purpose is that of Enron. The Enron Scandal, as the incident came to be referred to (Sterling, 2002), was an incident that shook the business world and influenced the ethics area of business to an extent where legislation had to be put into place in order to avoid repetition of such disastrous incidents in the future.

The paper will also delve into the specific areas of business ethics that the Enron Scandal brought out and which became primary concerns for the future Code of Business Ethics that organizations established and adopted. Since information drives the modern day world of business, the paper will primarily focus on the area information disclosure in the field of business ethics.

The paper uses the damage that the Enron Scandal caused as proof of the fact that the actions of the senior executives at Enron were of nothing less than a criminal nature and concludes with the implications that the case had on the legal infrastructure as well as upon the perception of business ethics in general.

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