Thesis: Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy

Sample Thesis Paper

The best choice in terms of behavior therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder is Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy. This therapy involves the revelation of the rituals that the individual indulges in and the subsequent prevention of the individual’s compulsions. For example an individual may touch an object he perceives to be tainted and subsequently be prevented from washing his hands. This form of behavior has several steps which the patient must undergo beginning with making a list of all the obsessions and compulsions the individual experiences. Then this list is arranged according to levels of anxiety experienced by the individual and they are engaged one by one. Relaxation techniques may also be employed within OCD therapy as a form of control therapy (Jenike, 2004).

There have been several trails which have measured the effect of behavioral therapy on individuals in controlling their compulsions and obsession. Studies have shown that exposure to these form of therapies is actually more effective than medication. According to results from studies 10 or 20 treatment sessions provided to individuals resulted in 85% of patients showing improvement, with 55% showing marked improvement. Although additional therapy is required for some individuals, the follow up rates showed a consistent improvement within individuals (Jenike, 2004).

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