Thesis: The Colgate Palmolive Mouth Freshening Mint

Sample Thesis Paper

Toothpaste is often minty and is designed in a manner so that it does not come as unpleasant to the person using it. Modern day toothpastes are generally sweet in nature and maintain an appearance that is meant to appeal to the user’s sense of sight as well. It is not uncommon for a person to think about the random thought of consuming toothpaste while brushing with it. The smaller the child is, the stronger the thought of consuming the toothpaste. While Colgate Palmolive has produced numerous dental care products that have done quite well with consumers to date; for the purpose of this paper, the product line extension that shall be considered will be the introduction of the Colgate Palmolive Mouth Freshening Mint. The purpose of the launching of this mint shall be to cash in on the desire that people feel to eat toothpaste.

Designed to resemble the smell and taste of the Colgate Palmolive toothpaste but will customized to make the two attributes more edible. An alternate would be to launch the product in the form of paste, which would perhaps be more direct in addressing the subconscious tendency that users have to consume the toothpaste. However, there is a possibility that confusions between the toothpaste and the mint-paste may cause the occurrence of unwanted incidents; which could in turn have a negative impact on brand image.

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