Thesis: Collapse of Global Ecosystem

Sample Thesis Paper

The fact of the matter remains that the treatment of the Amazon rainforest has failed to deliver altogether. While efforts are being made, they are too concentrated and far too limited in terms of their scope. The issue needs to be addressed with adaptive management where modern day infrastructures can be customized to give room to the needs of the ecosystem. Nature has assisted human civilization for countless centuries now, but it requires preservation and care in cases where this civilization developing of unsustainable rates.

Globalization needs to address areas where it interferes with the world’s natural way of life. While there are countless measures that should be taken to preserve the Amazon rainforest, it is imperative to note that unless they are taken at the right time, the Amazon rainforest will have already suffered extensive damages. However, opposition to this perspective is also present in the form of the American Policy Center that believes that Global Warming is a natural cycle and that the hype that has been created for Global Warming is simple and uncalled for (American Policy Center). The question of whether or not these damages are mere exaggerations bears little importance when considered in comparison to the possibility of a collapse of a highly significant part of the global ecosystem. Measures shall have to be taken on governmental levels in order to ensure that the threat of Global Warming to the Amazon rainforest is given the importance it truly merits (Boyd).

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