Thesis: Columbian Drug Traffickers

Sample Thesis Paper

Another method which has been reported recently is the use of puppies as Drug mules by Columbian Drug Traffickers. According to the news report which detailed the incident the officials found ten puppies including several Labrador retrievers. These puppies were carrying three kilograms of liquid heroin with about a pound implanted in six of their bellies. The drug was brown in color and was in flexible and clear plastic bags. The plan for these dogs was to be smuggled into the United States as show dogs to get them past customs. Inevitably three of the dogs died during the procedure to remove the drugs (Baker and Rashbaum).

Another method by which drug traffickers can gain a foothold and smuggle drugs into the United States and through state lines is by employing the use of law and government officials. There have been many stories in the last few years of officials who have been arrested for aiding Drug Cartels and distribution rings for drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin. One such example is of a New York City Police Sergeant in 2008 (Ramirez).

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