Thesis: Commercial Media

Sample Thesis Paper

Sociologists tend to take a view of social problems in a perspective that one would very rarely encounter in the media. This is partially because of the reason that the perspective that the media chooses to adopt regarding a particular situation is more than often influenced by internal and external factors that pertain to the media and it is for the same reason that it is not uncommon that different media sources develop starkly different perspectives regarding the same situation and present it to the public.

Another reason because of which one can expect to find a difference between the perspective that the media develops on a social problem and the perspective that a sociologist develops on a social problem is that the media is more than often faced with situations where they have to consider commercial aspects and similar aspects such as viewer ratings. In times such as these, commercial media sources choose to develop perspectives on social problems that they know will eventually encourage their audience to come back to them for additional information regarding the same issues. In instances such as these, the perspectives that are highlighted by the media may not always be the clearest and most sincere picture since they are usually designed to give the audience the view of a social issue that they want to see rather than giving them a view that would make them uncomfortable.

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