Thesis: Common Diseases among Female Prisoners

Sample Thesis Paper

“Tuberculosis, measles, rubella, have all been amplified in jails and prisons. Prisoners, many of whom are particularly vulnerable because of poor health status or HIV infection, are being exposed to communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis, while incarcerated and returning to their communities where they may be infecting families and friends” (Safyer & Richmond, 1995).
It has been found that women in prisons are especially susceptible to acquiring PTSD when considered in comparison to the degree to which members of the general population are susceptible to it. This problem is partly based on the fact that a female prisoner is far more likely to have experienced physical abuse than a male prisoner. The presence of the trauma from the physical abuse, coupled with the trauma of imprisonment serves to create a highly treacherous environment for the emotional and mental health of the female prisoner.

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